Tuesday, October 14, 2014

working on new blend for a goddess

red mandarin
black pepper
jasmine grand
jasmine sambac
rose de mai
white rose
sandalwood cedarwood
myrrh benzoin
Add this to organic jojoba and it is perfume!

What is it about black pepper that makes us so happy?
I want you to know how special this blend is and how I have been nurturing its glorius expression for months now.
This will be served in a simple one ounce amber vial. This will be a body tonic made with my totally awasome new healthy againg blend of oils..
including pomagranate co2 and carrot seed oil.

You see, I am not simply interested in perfume. I want each oil, each fatty acid to serve me and make it good!

It is expensive and worth every dollar, I know you are!
You can apply this all over and smell so good..so so good.
Let us raise our disire up a notch..
Let us not be afraid to ask for more
Let us always know what we want

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