Tuesday, October 14, 2014

kings and peasants and the dead walkers

Most of the time kings stayed away from the masses which is why they rarely get plague.
Some of them did, but mostly the masses get hit with all sorts of little and big bugs..this makes you stronger in winter but this year with a bunch of pretty bad little whatever they are..maybe it is a good time to think about tonics and remedies.

black elderberry, take it
wellness formula
good fresh food untouched by other people
(this is important)
sex with strangers is bad and always has been..now it is most important.
Do not soil your mind with Internet sexual thrills, it is also unhealthy..who are you Logan's Run?

So kings..heh!
They had all those things. Tonics, herbal unguents. They breathed in clean air and separated themselves as much as they could from the crowds..
The servants lived there..still though, it creeps in. One person at a time..then 40..then a million..and we are talking a big clean up here.
Should we be scared..of course, there is danger, you cannot bury your head or star gaze away a virus. You must be scared and smart..also, these TV doctors who say, "don't worry, you are just in panic."

"I am not in panic, I do  however, having read every Max Brooks book on zombies and of course my Walking Dead, on AMC, I understand how zombies get made and killed off and that is a virus..and that can spread like lightening while you accuse me of panic"
**sheepishly grinning**
I haven't had to say that. So far I am able to see both sides. A few years ago, a bunch of people died of AIDS..my cousin, Zhis,  who was a drug user, who knew? How long was that?
What was it, 10, 20  years? We watched as people died before us. Well, it was 30 years in the making..before any of it and then, bamm, spread like lightening.

Make your sword of knowledge sharp and ready.
Arm yourself with good health
know the response time of your activities

for gosh sakes do not panic..be skilled and smart.

(Rick, wanted to go back and kill them cannibals, he gets so pissed, I love that..**reference to walking dead*, he does! I love that, He is like a snake, striking..a scruffy deep set eyed snake.))
He was convinced by his crew that it was not a good idea, he listened.
He wants to make sure the world is safe for others.
I will review the first episode of the 5th season next time..They are all scruffy..except the baby. She is always clean.
I love you:)

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