Wednesday, October 22, 2014

my regression to the means and the best thing I ate today

The regression was me, being to frank with a customer. She called the manager because I told her the truth. It was after they honored me as best team
I was too frank, lol!

Here is the secret treasure in this way too honest of a day.I had called her back and told her I fixed her delema  and she had already complained..I have magic that is why..and she calmed down. I wonder if she felt bad about getting me in trouble with the boss. lol :) He said I was a straight shooter in my defence..
I quenched her before she knew she was quenched by responding to her rage by petulance instead of believing and being kind..
Will my wisdom ever fail me?  No!
ha ha

The best thing I ate today was a Greek Salad with garlic stuffed olives and wonderful Greek dressing and toasted whole grain butter...I ate way  more, but this was my favorite! I am a big Greek after all!

Greek Dressing Anastasia Style 2014

1/2 cup beautiful olive oil
1/4 cup vinegar
I do a mix of red and apple cider and a shot balsamic..not too much, I do not want to stain my salad unless it is baby greens or something leafy, then I do not mind balsamic too much....
a dollop Dijon
a dollop garlic minced(optional)
1 tbs red onion
blend this
pour over salad greens

personal salads take about two tablespoons
big salads take the whole thing ~pour over a nice big Greek
add salt to taste and a splash lemon ( from a real lemon, not essential oil)) before serving, if you want to

Greek salad is a mix of romaine and various greens..not too much bitter ones
you can add red peppers sweet ones of course
top with olives and feta cheese
dressing on top

Great feta cheese is what it is all about and Greek salad has feta..
I like this one from Cantoro's , my favorite Italian store down the road, but whole foods has both domestic cow's milk feta cheese and from sheep as it should be when were talking feta.
I told you that I come from a Sheep Herder's family, didn't I?

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