Wednesday, October 15, 2014

blend of the day


lets us start with vetiver  and add labdanum
consider the duo and the add vanilla co2 and a drop benzoin

leave it be..go ahead in a few minutes and test the dark cloud of sweet goodness..see it driven before you
see you inside parts start to squirm and breathe heavily to accommodate the extra large molecules..

Now, we add some myrrh from Somalia where the air is dry and clean with tiny, tiny particles of silica from all the sand..the tiniest things many, so small..
make it stay but good
add Virginia cedarwood..and Australian is lovely, yea? They do a great job and have enough space and proper weather to allow a sandalwood tree or millions of them to thrive and flourish for years in peace..they take at least 20 years to produce usable trees.

let it be again while you mix your top notes

tangerine is nice
just a few drops and then of course, our beloved must..when there is this much labdanum, bergamot is a wonderful fit..I bought a really fresh one from eden and sunrose has beautiful citrus.

what about middle notes..and flowers? Yes! Any flower would be nice, not frangipani, not davana..davana goes with frankincense..oh man, that was a good one last year!

I will add this blend to an oil and a shea whip.
It is almost winter and whipped creams do best here.
I can't hardly wait to do that but today is still loaded with missions before any new whipping.
I have a very orderly way of making things.
Mercury is still retrograde and I love scheming about my life in oils!

Shea butter is so cool! I love it and love working it. For best results with shea butter, you should always temper the fat otherwise it will bead up. Same goes for cocoa butter cream, with vanilla and chocolate absolute..omg..I shall make that fresh to go!

Melt your cocoa butter
with your shea butter
low and slow, the clean vessel in hot water
let it stay that way for a few minutes
now put it in the freezer for about 15 minutes, depending, you have to keep checking otherwise it will cool too much and then you can't beat it.
Keep and eye on it..pull it right before it goes solid.

beat it until it is smooth and fluffy but not like should be thick..
add your carriers equaling to the amount of solid fats..
it will seem like it is a whole lot, but it isn't, plus, consider the hardness of cocoa butter..

I will add what I have here..sea buckthorn oil, og and og jojoba, organic olive oil, organic marula oil, organic baobab oil, organic pomegranate co2, carrot seed, red raspberry seed oil, organic cranberry seed oil and a drop organic black seed oil for protection against the winds.

have a good day

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