Wednesday, October 22, 2014

lucky leonine

you decide to make it good.
you are beautiful and pretty
I love your look.

You have been so lost for the last few years, my is expansive Jupiter babe, making you feel lost, sorting through all your acquaintances.. I almost want to sing for you, "coming out of the dark.."

**this one little show on Netflix with Daniel Radcliffe (leo boy...oohhoy))and Jon Hamm- a licious...
"A young doctors notebook and other short stories" is on netflix..and dark and weird like Daniel is.
He has come out of a high point and become a hurt, he was indulgent and smokes a lot. I loves it, I am almost done with it and I have been enjoying the plethora of cooking programs on netflix..I loved Anthony Berdain's No Reservations, on Beirut!
There you go..
So you have The Catholics, The Jews and The Moslems all living close and hating each other..
They all live there because it is nice, there could be an awesome beach venue or just about any lovely way for humans to enjoy such great weather..and exchange money which helps the pulse of earth...
but no..some guys with bombs just have be mad all day about their gods and the property values and who gets what..and they are likely cousins from way back! I am talking way back by 100's of 1000's of years!
How silly.
They are not my enemies,
they must learn, they will..time and, note that, our children are done with this one way or another..they are smart and wish for more schools and good computers which teach real creation from its seed..which is god..
"who are you?"

**also..about 35% of all bombs dropped anywhere, do not ignite and sit there ready to explode at the slightest disruption!
35% of 400 million little bombs were dropped in The Vietnam War! You do the math..I know my kids have. I feel richer for knowing this.
((that is over 700 thousand land mines))

I  and you will focus on our duties and our own
The Leo must come home
or there is despair and decay
not for you my sweetest Leo Lovies,
you love your self too much
we all should take this from Leo..I feel like Leo brings sure footed sturdiness while being keen, unless, of course they can't find their best gloves! Wow!

"I love myself, I love my life!"

200  times babies....

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