Friday, October 17, 2014

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tetrahydroxyldecyl ascorbate
Vitamin C

This form of vitamin c is made when we take plain old ascorbic acid and add four molecules of hydrogen peroxide..
it forms a completely stable skin treatment when diluted of course.
I have it here at 3% in carrier.

Does it feel raw or natural?
3% tetrahydroxyldecyl ascorbate (because a little more often is better than a whole lot at once here))
(able to get right inder the skin's layers to where collagen is made)
chia oil (omegas, anthocyanadins)
carrot oil (anti oxidant)
red raspberry seed ( all sorts of omegas and rich in natural ketones)
Anastasia's healthy aging blend with organic cranberry seed oil a powerful and super penetrative power player in this serum.
apply after every washing, just a little bit. 

We have plenty of balms and when we realize how useful this ingredient is in modern times, it is foolish to deny its potential..
When I was a younger woman soap maker, I refused to buy an electronic soap mixer, thinking that by stirring my cauldron I was making making magic..that idea worked  for that moment and I was making I want to take it further, always better, never not. Always adjusting to the mood of  my soapies and what they want..there is balance always!

So, I have been reading about this form of vitamin c which can mix with stable fatty acids and enter the skin's mitochondria and allow collagen to form along with hyleronic acid.
Both big players on how well your skin hangs on your face.
The older you get, you must deal with the skin..your beautiful glowing skin!

**I have customers locally who use my soap and various creams and they will come to me close and say, how happy they are with their face and butts!
I love your angel  butt!

The idea of using vitamin c may seem too far fetched only because we want to remain pure.
There have been studies on this material and it really does do something good.
It has taken me a long time to explore vitamin c and what it can do on the skin as well as internally.
Vitamin c has been noted in health health, brain and various stress related injuries include vitamin c as a healthy and useful nutrient.

This serum will come to you  in a 15 ml vial. use it sparingly  because it is expensive.:)
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