Thursday, October 16, 2014

Getting ready for the dark moon

it is a doozy
you have been planning
being in hiding
thinking about  what is best

 how do you treat people you say you love
do you cheat them somehow
do you even think about what they may be going through or is it all about you you you
do you serve your soul by always thinking things through
do you smile a least one time ten seconds after you wake up
just be okay with it

last week was rough for many
rougher for the small bald guy who would steal a vitamin and then return it for money so he can eat food at my store..already made food.
lost his house
got fired
and then got caught(finally) stealing the goods and then he did not even go outside this time, He just went right to the desk for his refund..he did it for weeks maybe even years.
How do I know he got fired?
" I got fired, lost my job.."
people tell me everything, I listen.
"why did you get fired?"
"I was convinced by my supervisor to take pay cut and she embezzled the extra money and we both got canned!"
"oh, so now you know that was the wrong thing."
"yea, but she tricked me?"
I was busy so I showed him an item and walked away.. "dumb ass", I thought to myself..
You know, because that always works so well for everyone who embezles!
thinking how low I saw him right then..poor guy!
And then he gets caught doing wrong again!
What I should have said was, "don't talk to me with your dumb ass dishonest reasons"
I didn't have to..the laws of cause and effect never make a mistake.
It is about numbers and patterns and one must know that when one is doing wrong, one gets caught eventually.

Regression to the means..raise your means and you do not have to lie and cheat to get a meal...
That is what the new moon shows me. I knew the lunar eclipse would be intense and it was. I know that the dark moon now, is strong in me and makes me see things..
If my stomach hurts and I feel  something in my gut, I do not deny that feeling!
I am always right about it too..yet..doubts may creep in..

Mercury in retrograde in Libra makes things vaguely challenging.

We are super fine honeys mine, we really are!

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