Thursday, October 2, 2014

The Moon's in Capricorn and Mercury is conjunct Saturn

Seriously, could things get more serious?
It is cool. Some of us have to make adjustments in our lives at this moment, but making yourself clear is what it is all about..Mercury in Scorpio does not dick around, yo! It tells it like it is especially when Saturn is right on him with all his might.

I say, do not make waves with leadership but listen to them! Listen to them and help them to help you..
What is the best way to make someone love you more? Make him want to help you and he will love you..or she!

'anastasia, maybe you know, I had some cranial therapy and I still  feel awful!"
I looked at her and knew she was holding on to some thing from her past..
"I said, it is cool, but I am sensing gall bladder and adrenals..also your neck" I touched the spot right away of course, because I am awesome, she jumped and flinched. It made my stomach hurt..she is so angry and mistrusting of everything..I amaze myself some days!
I looked in deeply in the eyes, because I will not let her dictate bad feelings!
"you are fine, something was released and your scull will be need to let go of it"
She nodded..she knows, her own bitterness is draining her chi..chi not chia..ha ha haaaaa!

I am not touching her again..nothing personal.

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