Sunday, October 26, 2014

last week and the bigger picture

There was one guy who said you can fit all the planets between The Moon and Earth..another guy corrected him and said that "no, you would need a few thousand more miles to  fit them."

 The point being once again that distances are bigger than we think and it doesn't really matter..and it does.
So, Saturn..ha ha haaa he is big and in scorpio..wo is the strong one now> It is scorpio who has the poise and steadfast loyalty to the right things..
Mercury retrograde that fuck..burned out and fast and  burned up all over the place, telling long stories so he can keep the thrill going..after the thrill is long gone.

Listen, I know peoaple like that. My motto is, "if where you are and what you are doing is a big secret, it can't be good!"

You cannot live your secrets in real life so you sneak around  for sexual  or some other sattisfaction because it is never enough when you are burned out and one day you wake up!
You are like, dammit, here I am all alone with no friends..the do not love me enough."
They don't know you because you have removed yourself from them and now have no one because you wasted time, money and better days for this.."
Or not! Maybe this is how you want to live, hung over and dirty in a cheap hotel!
( I am so smart, see, and too honest..)))

Back to
Me and my pains..that seem to come and go as the please..I am a human magnet feeling all the suns energy. Four pretty strong sun spots this last week as well.

(Peaky Blinders! So good!)

One girl came up to me crying on Wednesday and freaked out..she took gaba and I gave her a talkin to about the mercury retro. Do you know what she said?
Mercury, that fucker!"
Have you noticed the disruptions in your electronics, you connection to wi fi and all that connected stuff?
Yea, Mercury Retrograde..
Look do not blame a planet  and then do..because your electronics are all breaking and if you are an Aries person, you seem to have suffered the money thing quite fast.
How interesting that Aries is the best saver.
I love them. I love my Aries and I love my of my girls is Aries, one is Cancer,
 I am a Libra.. put in our Capricorn Moons in there and we make a grand cross..that is pretty heavy and when there is a mother like me, who seems to be quite master We respect and clash each other often..lately we  are all getting on way better than ever.  Honesty has been the reason.It is a really nice family I have. I am  loyal to them and my long lasting friendships through the years..where I may have been a dick now and again.
How do I know I was a dick? Why, just look at others and how they make are like, "yea, I did that, 20 years ago!"

Time ticks I reckon. but is is also is distance, electricity is magnetism and we are  200 hundreds groups of molecules working with trillions of atoms which look like a solar system..the sun being its nucleus..
There our real meaning of life  guys, the one that can never be destroyed, the one that makes a platform with new stuff for the next thing.
Just like we do in life..everyday.

Mercury has gone direct now..we are simmering down having submitted to forces beyond our control.
because deep in our hearts we know.
We must live for now and always keep learning
always developing fresh starts
moving on
knowing who you are and what is real

internet fantasy love affairs be gone
real love takes honest effort and you actually showing up

anger and resentent to people and other races is stupid..yet Earth still carries us, we keep being here..
and it is good

Thank you and I hope you smile at least one time today having realized how precious your time is..

"I love my self and I love my life"

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