Tuesday, October 28, 2014

vanilla themes and Tom Ford's nose

We've tried palo santo soap and for what day it was and how we yearned for it, it worked.
I am not in love with palo santo but it has its place.
I am not in love with some Indian oils. I like saffron in a paella not to wash with and frankly, and I know this is a Libra thing, and I do not feel abad about that. I am not less spiritual because I do not put saffron on my third eye. I would for a ceremony, not every day.
I want to smell good.

So I have a little coconut oil and vanilla and I think I should add some coconut pulp because it smells so good and I love tropical stuff!

I am already going back to me self..after this retrograde. Dude, I had to think  and regroup.
I am smart, I can weather anything and when you have a family, there is a whole lot of weather, especially when they begin having babies and relationships..all these new people coming to your house and smiling and moms introducing themselves..like, "hey, I am busy and only have time for walking dead and maybe one other thing."

I want to say thank you so much my dear ones who think of me and know I am not neglecting you, I am so occupied.
My mom, "it is your own fault for having all these kids!"
"mahhhaa! :)"
My mother is involved and it helps everybody be good. No really!
She is a tyrant, my mom.
I always feel, like she is something I can never be. A master of bread. her hands creating breads all her life with such mastery and ease. I have seen her kill many a snake with her shovel and continue working as if it were a mere nuisance. Some were poisonous. I remember a black one they all ran out there and killed it before it tried to eat a chicken!

I am not an American in so many ways. In so many ways I am, because there are many like me.

Back to me and soap.

I want vanilla soap. Sweet vanilla scent but with real vanilla pods like my friend Tonie says I make the best way. She says that is and has always been my best vanilla, the one from infused coconut oil and real vanilla. I do not see it as much as her. I like co2 vanilla, really, a whole lot, and there was one perfumer who would separate the  vanillin from the bean and make these crystals..they smelled so pure. I think he used hexane. What else would cause such refinement that from a black tar like paste you get white crystals?
They use hexane to separate the drug from cannabis. That material can the be spread on the skin  so be easily ablorbed. They do not care about your skin or lungs do they? They do evaporate most of the alcohol  off. I mean this is the way absolutes are made..we pretty much accept  them because how else would we get jasmine?

See, you can say, "a little bit won't hurt" about everything. Before you know it, you are swimming in everything badness. Except for the names of some things..
The perfume industry is fascinating in its display and refinement of plant substances. I mean really..what does "leather" note really mean? Everyone has an idea about it..it is fake and toxic. Do not forget that. You might as well just stay that route too because I cannot say enough about toxic perfumes and how they ruin the world. That goes for all the  men..please, stop with these perfumes you slather on and wash with my soap..ha ha ha Tom Ford's Sahara Noir, is one exception..not really...I feel like he tried and his blend has a tenasity I cannot ever achieve with just oils..styrax, frankincense and cedars, benzoin and a few others I have forgotten..It smells like church and sacred sex at the same time.

I have some fine gents on my team. I know who they are and I want to smell all of you up close. I bet women freak out over you! The Old Whore is great on a Man!

My ingredient list for vanilla bean soap

coconut pulp co2
vanilla co2
cacao absolute
coffee co2
vanilla beans ground up fine as can be
cocoa butter
coconut oil

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