Sunday, October 19, 2014

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and share my thoughts with you...

I got in a debate yesterday and you know what? All people can do is worry if I am saved..not if..
I cared for my family
went to work and did a good job
was kind to every one
made awesome food
made awesome healthy skin care
wrote awesome thoughts to my beloved ones, you
and basically only thing most folks could do, is yell about me not being saved..
men are so soon to fetch their pitch forks instead of their open minds..

It is ridiculous to think that we allow such ultimatums with our souls..

"oh, god will only help you and save you if you are reverent enough.."
God the mind or a is the same..your inner thoughts are your parents...

A good parent will always prevent disaster for his child and that is basic kindness..yes, you have the bad parents who beat their kids have man eating dogs an lock their babies in a room with no bathroom,,
That is a bad parent or a bad god..why be dumb I say and at the same time  you call new ideas ignorant and are stuck in these fables where lambs and sheep are slaughtered as an offering..
It is ok, it was the past, people still thought god was some big guy in the sky choosing favorites..
based on how many lambs we cut up and bled for him..
I am not buying it!
When I was three, and my dad would teach me all the church stuff (I come from a family of priests) I would question everything and say how dumb it was..they would beat me..ha h ahaaaaa
It is dumb..we couldn't take Communion when on our period because you know, Jesus body and blood were in the wine and bleeding women were unworthy..
or they are afraid of the blood..
for years I pondered on the why and the what fors..
I like chanting vibrational words, they help my mind be secure and poised..singing nice songs about his feels nice..
but when the only thing people have to worry about is if I am saved while they sneak around and do human stupid things them silly.."save your self",  I  said to one of a good person now because it helps you..not because god might be watching..

it was so fun..:)
now for some work :)

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