Tuesday, October 21, 2014

happy new moon happy soalr eclipse

It should be and there are challenges, but there has been tension and releasing. It is in Scorpio of course so we are going to have fun fun in the six months to come. It will bring a whole lot of tear jerking. For some of us the extreme schedules and extreme learning is quite a ride. for others who are sneaking around, well you will get caught and maybe with your pants down..
Scorpio is about getting to the bottom of things and some of us being stuck there..when you are doing wrong, the laws of cause and effect are ruthless..when you do wrong on others for revenge, you are just as bad as them..walk away and do not stay just because your heart is breaking and they might change their mind now..walk away because you must. Expect them to be good, expect the very best for yourself now..all Scorpios do!
This solar eclipse  has a whole lot of issues with money as I have said before during the last powerful lunar eclipse two weeks ago..money problems become exposed and we have to wake up or be pounded. If it is other people's money like the bank, family or what ever lending institution you have covered in your life..be calm and be wise..is all I am getting right now. Addictions..must be dealt with..
I am not talking about a cup of tea or coffee, I am talking about stuff that slowly kills..drugs always  tax the liver..it is simple, but do we listen? No, because sometimes we need a drug to help with illnesses and then you must walk away from it..even ibuprofen is harmful after a while..I know people who use Tylenol every day.(spell that, acetaminophen))
This period trine with Neptune will be nice for art and aromatherapy! Yes!!
I think it may pose a nice cycle of growth for the creative mind. Put that good mind stuff in story on paper and touch many..put in a picture made with your hands and allow for others to express ideas through yours..that is paying it forward.

Do not be scared of death..your "soul" is fine, you are fine...you have been here forever having been re-cycled--through deep time. Trust me, I love you and I am wise.

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