Saturday, October 4, 2014

Mercury Retrograde

It is randy and it is undercurrents of anger coming out.

 Us smart ones, had already changed what needed changed in order to survive and cope better with our humanity..
some did not, do not.. and, become crazy mad when you confront them.

What is working for you?

Too many words or hurt feelings, or a focused outlook with all the right intentions?


This morning, I woke up to a thick musty smell that was odd as I do not have anything made that is new in the shop and it smells like flowers..
Ha! I followed the scent trail...
The night blooming jasmine opened up its flowers and is scenting the whole house with is natural perfume. My lovely friend gave me a plant when summer stated. It is one of the simple  things in our life that we can just admire and be content for..
The flowers smell like an old book store which has energy on each book from each reader,
It has a scent of  fragrant jungle landscape and a little bit like India  and its wide array of stinky vibrant flowers..
Every time I inhale, I can almost feel each particle and its weight in my brain...

Mercury retrograde..when the anxious lies and the overwhelming emotion may get the best of lower types..they wait for a chance to make waves..

here is how you cope...
say nothing much
be always handy and clean
eat right
do not be a jealous, angry psycho obsessive sneaky fool..your true colors show.
remember that during mercury retrograde, less is best..less words mostly..less
you do not have to share every thought or every pain..some pains in the ass, gross others just takes a word and I am done!

Today, I will focus on my every task with attentive loving care..all my goodness and success unfolds easily and fulfillingly...

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