Thursday, October 30, 2014

venus on saturn

Well good! Venus is for the next two weeks on Saturn and Mars is on Pluto.
The saint or whore in a bad way becomes more self destructive, more  rush to sex, more lying to one's self.
do we  rely on our strong support systems to keep us on track?
I think this aspect is good because there is a weeding effect. People who do not fit, move on. they must.
The fantasy is over as we say when we become wise to survival and how it is still significant even if you own a microwave. I do not.

I work at a healthy grocery store, you know that.  I talk to about 500 people a day and they say things like, "they are destroying our food", "our food, our food"
I told one of them that who will do the work? "You want organic but you want it nicely wrapped by a servant. How do you think food is grown anyway?"
I find that most Americans do not have a clue  about the effort it takes to grow anything..they want to yell and be special..I understand that. I want organic food as much as possible which is why I am in this business.
This business of food!
I like to look at what is trending with the is fun!
Some genius, mixed garcinia cambogia with green tea. He will sell millions of those to chubby lazy women who do not know how to make a salad  so they blend all their food in a smoothie! "belly fat"
I will say this, if I want kale, I want it stir fried with garlic and soy sauce not mixed with a banana and rice protein.
Dr Oz and many other TV doctors are  really helping people to forget everything good.
"Do not worry about making a healthy meal for your family, just blend  up a smoothie, take this pill and that pill.."

The masses, they swarm to the next thing like a hungry pack of vultures..masses, muggles..
You know what they are and how to deal with them. Do not loose you cool, because, it is all it takes to keep them happy, a little bit of cool and less talk.
Garcinia with green tea?
Yea, some people were sitting at a table and scheming new ways to make money..

"drink real green tea and shut up!" LOL

"What do you eat, Anastasia?"

" I eat all the foods, salads, fruit, apples, tomatoes, avocados, potatoes, good bread, good coffee..good cheese and butter, olive oil, coconut oil and what ever my mother brings over, because there is a blessing when some one makes your food..real food..and if you want a smoothie, make one with yogurt or just fruit.."

I am not saying never drink kale apple carrot smoothies..go ahead drink your lunch, who am I the smoothie police?

I want to actually talk about the Pluto/Mars aspect and how in the next two weeks, one must clean up and get it together for the winter..two weeks..two very significant weeks. Uranus is there, really shaking things up!
You can fix things up.
You can clean up and be free from worry and sadness.
You can be calm and love your life for what you have become
are becoming..and be just humble and be fine.

others may turn to the dark side..
I know one girl at 41 who got her tongue pierced..ewe!
Maybe I am a prude, but, no, babe!
That goes with so many harmful things that I say, "no"..unless, you keep it in your own house with one me, it paints a picture.
Another boy I know, schemed and lied and schemed..
"no, boy!"
Your work shows. You need to show up sometimes and do a good job.
show up with less drama, please!

Uranus..instant moving sure to look at everything..everything and also keep your distance at the same time..
We will talk more on Uranus soon..

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