Monday, October 6, 2014

soap menu for the full moon

It is upon us big time and when the moon is full we howl!

The shop is doing great, I took a little inventory and realize that I am so smart and so good that I like to start from less and build rather than always obsess about what I am needing to make based on my obsessions with sandalwood for example..

What oils do I have today and how can I explain them in a perfume..
I dare say it! perfume..all kinds of it.
I love aromatherapy and although I am just now exploring really layering( whatever that means), it is not limited to soapmaking.
I tend to drop things if they don't work, eventually, but soap making will never be one of those things..
Or having a need for a nice cream after my bath. Everyone says I have lovely skin. I know you do!

New Full Moon Made Old Whore will be made and her sultry goodness is brewing up as we read this. I do always have enough for the old whore!

 Oganic dried wormwood
sweet dark patchouli
organic vetiver. sri lanka
oakmoss absolute
rose de mai
petitgrain sur fluer
boogety boogety this and that

Take one, It is so Delicious!!

I am having a time of my life with coconut pulp co2 and chocolate!

Pumpkin Soap?

Harvert Moon
I love you
love what I do
missing you and your words to me
your true friendship from respect
fresh starts
becoming aware of attracting who you are
don't be is you
it has always been you

which chariot do you ride
the one that is you thinking for yourself
being proud and glorious yet always showing affection with your rich smile
your friend to all mentality
your wonderful creamy
languishing telepathic projections of joy

with cinnamon bark
pumpkin organic
harvest moon blend
for you and for me
a rich harvest soap cake

stand by....and for sure have a wonderful day!

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